Enjoy Rich Garden Beds the Easy Way

Let your garden do the work for you!

Just Mulch, Plant, and Walk Away!

Lasagna Gardening is a groundbreaking system that replaces hard work with layering. Your garden will fill and flourish with perfect organic soil and produce heaping harvests of healthy food for you and your family, year after year!

Get all the secrets to no-toil power soil in Lasagna Gardening.

Save Money

Make fertile, fluffy, nutrient-rich soil from materials in your home and yard — they’re free!

Save Time

No digging, no tilling, just mulching. Then tuck in your plants or sprinkle your seeds and you’re done.

Save Space

Even tight spaces will produce huge harvests, including containers and anywhere else you want your garden to grow.

Save Your Body

Say goodbye to back pain, sore knees, and dry, overworked hands.

Save Stress

Upkeep’s a breeze. You barely have to weed or water — perfect for busy people, travelers, and anyone who wants more time to kick back.

And Savor the Rewards!

  • Record yields of fruits, vegetables, and flowers
  • Gorgeous gardens free of weeds, pests, and chemicals
  • And more spare time to enjoy them all!

Meet the Author

As a busy innkeeper, author Pat Lanza had little time to garden. But keeping up with her crops was essential, as those fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs helped serve her guests — up to 250 at a time.

One year she piled her untilled garden high with organic materials, tucked in her plants, mulched them with grass clippings, and went back to running her business. A record harvest grew that year — and the art of Lasagna Gardening was born.

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